Russ Sargeant
Bassist & Multi-Instrumentalist

Russ Sargeant

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Russ Sargeant is a bass player and multi-instrumentalist based near Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

He uses live looping and effects to create beautiful layered music - sound upon sound; sometimes with multiple instruments but mostly only using electric and acoustic basses.

His music is a blend of Ambient, Jazz and eclectic sounds and has been described as, “subtle layers of sound that emerge gracefully like cinematic soundtracks”.

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"On his 2009 full-length "Blue", Russ Sargeant found solace in the most stripped-down constellation imaginable: One man and his instrument. What made the album stand out was the instrument in question: A bass. Its deep vibrations led straight to the emotional core of the music with naked brutality."

"To say Sargeant creates soundscapes would be to gloss over one of his greatest strengths, as a melodist, but his recordings largely consist of spatial, layered pads, and melodies played on electric or upright bass. Sometimes the pads sound very like synthesizers (as on Dream The Brightest Dawn), but with some effects and an Ebow, anything is possible: what’s certain is that these tracks are performed as they sound here, using live looping technology. If you see Sargeant live he will realise these compositions for you with one or more basses and some gizmos." Oliver Arditi @oli_the_bass

"Russ Sargeant’s bass-centric ambient soundscapes are truly seductive and enticing. His use of electric basses, acoustic Double Bass, guitars, loops, synths and found sounds makes for an effective soundtrack for life in all its guises and nuances. In fact, it is the very nuances ... that make it so appealing… it's the sounds within the soundscapes… the layers and the loops… the subtleties that make it so wonderfully immersive." @headphonaught

"Russ creates subtle layers of sound that emerge gracefully like cinematic soundtracks." @frysgig

"Wonderfully creative use of sound, technique and talent allowing listeners’ minds and spirits to take flight into a world of their own. Excellent!" via Reverbnation